Gnosis Safe contract transfer does not work


In my contract i receive ethereum from users and would like to transfer it to a gnosis safe address.

The function works with a normal address but does not seem to work with a “contract” address.

The following line of code breaks when using a “contract” address


toRecipient = ethereum to send
addresses.recipient = address that receives the ethereum, in this instance a contract, preferably a gnosis safe.


Hello Dellybro

In my code that I use for transferring ETH I use this


I just check to convert it to address first. I probably don’t need to do that, but that’s what I’ve been using and it’s working.

Second I would verify that the ETH you are transferring exists. Does the sender have enough ETH?

You might want to do some basic checks in the contract to verify it has enough to send.

Lastly your Gnosis Safe Contract might not be payable depending on how you created it. I just tried to send ETH to my safe on Rinkeby - and it worked.

If none of this works please link your Gnosis Safe Contract address on chain so I can see the code.

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@Dellybro Hi, have you solved your problems?

I have not. We still can not use a gnosis safe to transfer to.

0x2d46F038C8848e43D17D00DDc3ADC6C66F80F652 this is the address.