How to use defender to track the TVL

I have a very simple question. Is there any way to track the TVL using defender alerts. Currently I have created multiple alerts to notify me when a particular amount of tokens are transferrer from my contract, but I want to track it generally. Like a sudden drop in TVL within 5 minutes etc. Is it possible? -

Hi @Zartaj ,

One possible solution is creating an Autotask that runs every 5 minutes and checks the balance of the contract. If oldBalance - currentBalance > someNumber pause contract or something like that. This can also be done with a Forta Sentinel.

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Thanks ser, will try it out.

Also about the forta sentinel, is there any similar type of forta bot already present, or I would have to create one?

There a few examples in this repository that you could likely repurpose for your application

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