❔ Monitoring relayer ether balance


I saw this guide for monitoring ERC20 tokens: https://docs.openzeppelin.com/defender/guide-balance-automation-forta-sentinel

Is there something similar for monitoring ether balance? Is it possible with current Sentinel implementation?

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes.

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Hey @Pedro_Reyes,

Sentinel right now is attached to events and function calls from contracts, so you can indirectly monitor a balance when some of the former happen.

If you need more fine-grained monitoring, you can always wire a Forta Detection Bot to a Defender Sentinel, so you can trigger alerts based on the balance of an account and check upon every block or any transaction the account does, which is more flexible.

I recommend you going through the Forta Detection Bot Docs, and take a look at some of the current Forta Bot Templates there are.

Also, a bot contest is going on right now if you also want to participate :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello @ernestognw ,

I will take a look at it :v:

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes.