How to test Pancakeswap on Testnet?

For some reason Pancakeswap devs don’t allow us to use their app on testent. So some cool developers have fixed this creating a Pancakeswap version for test purposes.

You can try these:


Many thanks for sharing. But the second one did not work for me.

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Agreed. the 2nd one is a bit shady… sent a tx and the LP just executed… and was non-existed. first one seems to work sometimes slow… take your time when you put your contract address in… itll pop up eventually.

looks like v1, isn’t it?

There is no v1 or v2 on testnet

It doesn't seem to me like either of these sites are working, or am I missing something? - the interface loads, but i see many CORS errors in the console.

My token, which I funded via the web3 interface to the testnet pancakeswap router on, says "insufficient liquidity for this trade". No matter what amount or which direction I send it.

I'm new here, so maybe I'm missing something, let me know!

2nd site definitely just doesn't load, as others have noted. :slight_smile: works with testnent seamlessly

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No it doesn't. PancakeSwap keeps forcing you to switch to BSC Mainnet.

yep, it's true, pancakeswap doesn't switching to testnet

Just what I was looking for. Thanks