How to prepare for an interview for a Security Researcher role at OpenZeppelin

A community member asked how to prepare for an interview for the Security Researcher role.

I recommended the following, so I thought I would share.

:warning: I am not part of the hiring process, but would recommend doing all of these to anyone looking for a role working on smart contract development/research:

Hiring process

Read the hiring process, it is very thorough to find the right people:

Read the job specification:

Prepare and ask questions. Ask the right questions in the right interview, read the hiring process and job specification again.


Read through recent audits to see the output of audits:

Review the process of an audit:

Read the checklist before an audit:


Watch some of the research teams presentations to see some of the research that they do:


Play Ethernaut:

Play Damn Vulnerable DeFi:

Review the entries:

General Preparation

Read the latest news about the company.

Check out the interviewer(s) on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub.
Find out what they are working on. Read what they have written. Watch a video of a presentation they have done. (I like to see faces and hear the voices of an interviewer beforehand if I can).

Make yourself really easy to find.
If possible use the same username and profile pic on GitHub, Twitter etc. Add links in your profiles to your other accounts.
Share public repositories showing your best development work, some blog posts (especially if they made it into Week in Ethereum news), any hackathon entries and any recorded presentations.