How to import or install OpenZeppelin library into C# project using Microsoft Visual Studio 2022

I'm currently working on a Unity project using StarkNet. I want to be able to access some functions in the ERC721 services in the openzeppelin library but I can't.

Most information I got researching is possible using VS code. Is there a way it can be installed or imported in Visual Studio for C# developers.

I would really appreciate any response to this. Thanks.

Hello @Vee_Usoro, welcome to the forum. I'm afraid I'm not sure I fully understand your question. I understand you're having troubles installing and importing our library, although our instructions are IDE agnostic. I assume you've seen any other sources/videos using VS code?

I'm unfamiliar with VS C#, but I'd suggest you research how to install rust packages in such environment, then go ahead and install scarb. Once you install scarb, you can proceed with our official installation guide.

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