How to get the full history of an autotask?


I have notice my history is not completed. How I can see my full history?

Other question it’s possible to send the logs via email? Do you have API for that?



Hey @Bolo! We are currently not providing a way to view all the past runs. May I ask why you are interested in them?
We are building a more tight integration with Keeper Network right now so you’ll be able to see your Keeper balance and withdraw funds directly from a relayer. You also can check all the transactions from your relayer at etherscan.


I have several transactions who failed, just wanted to check trace/logs I have added in my script to improve my logic.


Hey @Bolo. This is certainly a valid use-case. Unfortunately, there is no way currently to go beyond last 20 autotasks runs. We have a ticket for that. I just bumped its priority. Hopefully we’ll ship it soon.

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