Defender Release 2020W49: Sokol testnet, Autotask examples repository, and faster Keep3rs

Hey everyone, time for a small Defender release! In addition to the xDai sidechain, we have now added support for Sokol as well for Defender Admin, Relayer, and Autotasks. Sokol is proof-of-authority test network, with its own block explorer, faucet, and public endpoint supported by the team. Think of it as the Rinkeby of xDai. This means you can now set up your Defender workflows in Sokol before moving them to xDai!

This week we have also released a public repository of Autotask sample snippets. You will find there examples ranging from your average hello world to executing jobs in the Keep3r network. We have looked into addressing some common questions, such as how to write Autotasks in Typescript, or how to include additional npm packages or easily import ABIs into your Autotask bundle. Let us know if there is another example you’d like to see there, and feel free to send a PR to add your own!

Last but not least, as part of the new Autotask examples, we have also included a new script for running a Keep3r at a faster rate. A common question we get is whether it’s possible to run an Autotask more frequently than once per minute, and while Defender does not yet support it, it’s perfectly possible to have the Autotask run several checks at regular intervals throughout its lifetime. The new script does exactly this: every 5 seconds (to ensure it catches every block), it will query for new available jobs. This script also relies on the new Defender network provider for running queries, so you don’t get throttled by shared provider keys using ethers.getDefaultProvider. Note that you may need to delete and recreate your Autotask to pick up the latest changes on the defender-relay-client.

That’s all for this week! Coming up we have Autotasks webhooks and secrets, as well as the option to set a fixed gasPrice and a validUntil timestamp for your Relayer transactions, and support for managing Pausable contracts in Admin. Stay tuned!


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