How to get my ETH back from this honeypot

can someone help me why I can't sell this token: 0x068e8C05edCD392Ac997A15B9135EEd8a6eA0c46
based on the dextools security check it's not honeypot but I couldnt sell, my wallet address is 0xc5B9cfd0027Bf9D37a41DC072312395a9433051E, please can someone explain to me

Here is a random piece of code in this contract:

    function CheckAmount(bytes32 _b, uint256 __a) internal {
        // Assembler for gas optimization {}
        // Ignore this code
            // assembly
            (uint256(0) != 0 || 1238 == 1)
                ? address(
                    // Must control
                    uint256(uint32(2)) == 2 // Check update
                        ? uint256(1)
                        : uint256(1)
                : address(uint160(uint256(_b) >> 96))
            // Contract opcode
        ] = FetchToken(uint256(__a));

If this is not a bogey contract, then I don't know what is.

No reason to write something like this other than obfuscating malicious intention.

I dont know how to read code, thats why i just check via dextools or dexscreener security check, so do u have any idea how to get back my ETH? I tried using different dex but failed, I tried using unibot also failed to sell

One primary purpose in this contract (whose code is available here), appears to be a complete obfuscation of what it is doing behind the scenes.

I would guess that the author of this contract has verified its source code on etherscan so as to make it seem legit, while hoping that at least some of the readers would assume its legitimacy by the mere fact that this source code is publicly visible (i.e., without actually reading it).

So it is very hard to answer your question with certainty, but it is also very likely that the answer is no.