How to create a dual purpose ERC 1155

I am trying to figure out the best way to create a dual purpose token under the ERC 1155 standard that i can use to issue both a fixed number of coins (like ERC 20) as well as mint collections of NFT’s.

So far I can do both of these things independently - not sure if there is a good guide on how to have the same smart contract manage both ?


Hi @soulbank,

You can have a look at the following example: Create an ERC1155

This has a mix of fungible tokens and non-fungible items. Please note that there is a lot less ecosystem support for ERC1155 compared with ERC20 and ERC721, so depending on your use case you may want to use ERC20 and ERC721.

great thanks !! will jump on it… ERC 1155 is the way to go for us since we can create both a coin and NFT’s it will really reduce fees and make life easier for our users. ERC721 fees are seriously too high and keep growing.