How to call rebase function on smart contract automatically every 24 hours on Binance smart chain

Hi,any one suggest me a doc or github source to call rebase function on smart contract automatically for every 24 hours in Binance smart chain.

Smart contracts can not execute functions automatically, so maybe you can write a script to do this.

Hi,thanks@skyge i already created using javascript and i got transaction hash as undefined,i already posted it too on forum,here is the link.and didn’t got any solution that’s why i moved to smart contract for invoking function automatically.

Is there any source file available for calling rebase function automatically through javascript for Binance smart chain smart contract.

@abcoathup Can he run a defender to do it?
Maybe you can have a look at this article: Running a keeper from Keep3r Network on Defender, but I haven’t tried it yet, I think I should have a try this weekend.


Thanks @Skyge i will check it out.

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Hi @Prabhakaran,

OpenZeppelin Defender supports Ethereum mainnet and testnets, as well as xDAI sidechain and Sokol testnet. Binance smart chain isn’t currently supported.

Though please let us know if this is of interest, as it is good to know what demand there is for supporting various chains with Defender.

HI @Skyge,

Defender is free to sign up to use on testnets.

For Defender Admin you could start with the following guide: Manage an ERC20 token using Defender Admin and Gnosis Safe

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Thanks a lot, I will have a try later.

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A little pity, I forget you are on the BSC-Chain.

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Hi @Skyge,

OpenZeppelin Defender Autotasks is great for automating this type of task. It is much better than having to manage your own infrastructure along with gas and nonce management yourself.

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