How to add Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) network to Defender?

I want to use Defender to monitor smart contracts, but I can't find the FVM network on Defender, what should I do?

The FVM’s launch on March 14, 2023 effectively made Filecoin programmable through the introduction of smart contracts. Programmability allows for the creation of dapps that work in tandem with the stored data. If an ecosystem of, say, DeFi applications can be built on the FVM to supplement the efforts of SPs, then the data economy is strengthened many fold.

There is no doubt that Filecoin, as a public chain of smart contracts and verifiable storage, will carry more types of DAPPs, with unlimited potential. I hope that the Defender team can be compatible with the FVM network as soon as possible.

Hi @Wenxin,

Defender doesn't support FVM network and it isn’t currently on our development roadmap. Thank you for explaining how it would help out the Web3 community. Your suggestion has been noted and we will take it into consideration as we expand Defender support in the future.