How do you keep up with Solidity updates?

When you study solidity and after a few weeks focus on something else, you came back solidity and there is already a new version.

How do you guys keep up with everything updating so fast ?

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Hi @NTTMai,

I get to answer questions regularly and use the community forum as my knowledge base. So I am lucky that every day I get to increase my knowledge.

When I was self learning (on a break between projects, before OpenZeppelin), where I learnt the most was when I was writing contracts every day. So I suggest if you can, to find a way to use Solidity on a regular basis, even if that is just weekly. To write contracts with tests and deploy to testnets.

Interested to hear how @Proteu5 and @Jshanks21 keep up with Solidity.

Hi @NTTMai & @abcoathup,

I tend to do something with Solidity on most days, even a little helps. Something I’ve done before is just specify an older version I’m more familiar with for my project. Then I can build something that works in a version I’m familiar with and manually update that as I learn what’s new.

A while back, I took a break to work on React and I felt like I had to relearn a lot of stuff. Now, I at least make sure I read some Solidity daily so it sticks.

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@abcoathup @Jshanks21 thank you guys, that was very helpful. How much time do you guys usually spent per day for solidity ?

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I spend a minimum of 1 hr a day and 4-8hrs on weekends each day. There are times I obsess and stay on until I reach a milestone in the project.

For keeping up to date, I tend to run into a lot of older tutorials from 2017, 2018 and 2019 but use the new OpenZeppelin libraries. This causes me to run into breaking changes. I use the documentation and compiler debugging to change the Solidity code as practice instead of downgrading. It helps me to learn but isn’t always successful. Things like using the contract name in function is allowed around 0.4.27 but not in 0.6.0, so I would have to modify the contract or downgrade the compiler.

I try and take as many tutorials as possible new and old. The guys here at OpenZeppelin set the standard so I stick with them :wink:


@Proteu5 thank you, the ideal of using old tutorial with newer version is very good

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Like @Proteu5 mentioned, I think an hour a day is a good target. The more time you can put into it the better. I’m usually able to get in 2-4 hrs a day, but have had days with only 1 hour or none because things get in the way. Sometimes I spend days only working on Javascript or React, so I make sure to include Solidity the next day. Just following a Solidity tutorial if you don’t have any smart contracts to write can help solidify your familiarity with the language and reinforce things you already know.