How do I increase the Defender Relayer Transaction Limit?

Hello there,

I programmed a website that is using a Defender relayer to pay for the gas as explained in the Gasless Transactions workshop.
I am now hitting the limit of 120 transactions/hour
How do I increase this limit?
I already asked support but I haven't heard back yet.
Please advise

Hey @destinosur2017, apologies for the delay! Your emails were caught in google's spam filter for some reason. I'll follow up via email immediately.

No worries,
I got your email.

I have the same inquiry. I filled out the sales inquiry form not too long ago and I am hoping to get some help on this. Thanks.

Hey @ximxim, we got your form submission! Someone from the team will be reaching out to you.

Hey @spalladino, we are in the same situation. Trying to reach you guys by email to increase our relay and autotasks quota. Can you check it?


Sergi Fernadenz
CTO at