Does the Relayer have scaling limitations?

We're using Defender to enable gasless transactions on our platform. We've hit our quota for autotask calls and would like to upgrade. I'm also wondering whether the relayer would be able to scale if we upgrade and see a similar traffic spike? Is there a limit to how many transactions a single relayer can handle? If so, what would be an appropriate solution to handle this?


This is our primary relayer: 0xacee84fdd1c2df9d64dced2f1f27eb32c052b322
and the backup we use: 0xeffd95e47b7796aeb3adcc68c0acfad3fd3d9929

Let me know if there's any other info I can provide. I don't see an account ID to reference.

Hey @Jshanks21! The transactions quota on the free plan is 120 txs/hr, but can be raised considerably on paid plans, taking each relayer to up to 5k-10k txs/hr. If you need more than that, we advise to load balance across multiple relayers. There is also a throttling protection of 10txs per second, but that can be tweaked too as well if necessary.

Can you reach out to to discuss more?

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Thank you for the reply @spalladino! I've since emailed the Defender support team about this.

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