Defender Quotas - What occurs when you hit your limit?

General inquiry about the quotas established in your Defender product lines.
I recently, successfully, raised my quota. Thanks for the quick turn around time on that!

Polygon Mainnet & Mumbai Testnet

Use Case:
Launching an NFT sale soon that's using meta transactions (gasless).

In detail, what occurs when you hit your limit?
If you could provide a timeline of events and any errors/throttles/behavior that programmers should be aware of. That would be awesome. Thank you!


  • Matt

Hey @DFC-Swezey! When you hit the autotask runs quota (which defaults to 120 runs per 1-hour window across all autotasks on your account), any subsequent requests to the webhook endpoint would fail, and return an error message Quota of 120 for autotask runs exceeded with an HTTP 402 (which we may change in the future to 429, as we have now merged the community and team plans). And if you reach the transaction sending limit of your relayers (same number as autotask runs), you'd get a similar message.

Let me know if this helps!

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Thank you! That's great!