Help with ERC1155 for rewards

Need some community feedback. I work at a small company. I proposed coming up with a fun reward badge system to get some newbies into crypto. for things they do at work. Like a badge achievement. So ive been reading up on ERC1155 protocol and seems like this might fit. Because we can create multiples of “rewards” for employees for their work activities. So right now, we put out a test token on BSC Testnet. as a base, not even sure if its needed. we just followed the template on binance docs and changed 4 lines, name, symbol, qty. and compile and deployed.

So i wanted to reach out to the community here for help adding ERC1155, few questions.

  1. Do we need to tie it to our contact, testnet or when we deploy to main-net eventually?
  2. How would that interaction take place?
  3. i see the wizard and i can take ERC1155, but not clear how to use it?
  4. I want to make that its not transferable to other people, that it can only go from source to recipient and that is it. no transfers out from there, is that possible?

As i said, this is a fun little gig im putting together for people at work. I think I would just have them setup some Trust wallets so they can see their “badges” I hope im explaining it the right.
I appreciate your guys time.

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Sorry, I am not sure what do you mean?

I think you can have a look at this tutorial:

So do you want to achieve only one account to transfer token to distribute?