[HELP] Sta(c)king, playing, collecting, community, and more

Dear Community,

I'm an noob (yet) in programming. I just know how to do for loops and stuff, what I've learned from school (doing an apprenticeship as an IT-Specialist atm.) we did GUI etc., but I wasn't really listening/active in school, that's why I stood noob-ish, while my mates can all these things. However... :laughing: back to topic.

I would like to make a Blockchain Game, starting with Sta(c)king and afterwards creating a Game in Unity. Why? Because, this would also help me to improve my skills in coding, which I surely want and need in the future. :smile: Plus I would like to build a community, where we can talk, play etc. I have some cool thoughts, but I need the Basics. :expressionless: I probably need the API linked to my website and stuff, right? So I can create a log-in popup, where the User can log-in with his wallet. But the main thing would be how to make a staking platform, where the User can generate Tokens with his NFT, and sta(c)king his Token probably afterwards, or putting it in a LP, which is surely easy and not based on my website afterwards. So, what do I have to search in the Internet? Is it like "Smart Contract" tutorial/guide or which keyword do I have to use, to find such things of guide?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day. :slight_smile:
P.S.: Happy new year!
Greetings from Germany.