I need a mentor for smart contracts


My name is Christopher Ash, I've been learning about crypto from an entrepreneurial stance for about 5 years now. I'm not the tech guy, I'm the idea and getting things done guy with a small continuous budget looking to create small rev to increase my budget for better projects and pay people more, yada yada. Getting to my point, I'll just call myself an idiot as in I have an idea of code from playing with it when i was younger but i'm like a Mexican that cant speak Spanish that lives in El paso. Just humor, but I'm aware i need a mentor. I am trying to deploy a smart contract to set up a coin that rewards holders same way a hedge fund would through staking assets acquired through token sales. I thought i could just use the wizard tool here in zeppelin but I'm aware im going just way to fast and I need some guidance from someone that will take me seriously.

I can pay small amounts i'm looking to start what code to pull from where and where to make sure it fits within a contract i design with things like 25% of every $1 profit will be locked in buying assests to give the token its self a growing value that grows with the market and it will be diversified. I'm after launching this contract and getting seeding monmey developing an nft card game, with a similiar fail safe feature to keep value growing, i've thought of having a contract take funds and continually put it into long positions on certain crypto exchanges as well.

I need guidance so i stop wasting my money on myself lol

Hey man! I am not a pro either but learned something along the way! I am shure that I can show you some things and help you! If you still want a mentor here is my telegram: @solidityx

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Hi this is Blockrithmoffl , we are group of developers working as blockchain developers (freelancing) , for the past 6 years ,we worked on various smart contracts using different blockchain networks , we can able to do this, kindly ping here blockrithmoffl@gmail.com we can discuss about further . sounds interesting from you.

Hi, i can help you if you are still searching, reach me at @donut97 in telegram

Please contact @cryptodev1990 on Telegram. I am waiting for you.