HELP Add Function to the code of smart contract in REMIX, created with WIZARD

Hello, sorry for my question but i'm very newbie, but I really want to create a good smartcontract.
I have used Contract Wizard from Openzeppelin, and add all the function adn export to REMIX.
But after i insert in the flat version of the contract .sol the code of TockenLock and Blacklist doesn't appear in the WRITE contract page on etherscan.
This is the link to the contract:

The contract is verified but i dont undestan what is wrong and how to correct the BLACKLIST function tjat i add from another contract code.

the code:

Thank you if you help me.

Hi, welcome! :wave:

I think although there is a Blacklistable contract, but your final main contract does not inherit from it. So maybe it should be

contract STIMA is ERC20, ERC20Burnable, ERC20Snapshot, AccessControl, Pausable, ERC20Permit, ERC20Votes, ERC20FlashMint, Blacklistable {}

I tried as you told me, adding "Blacklistable", Deploy to another TESTNET but I can't INTERACT in the contract with the "blacklist" functions. Thanks anyway.

There are only two modifier in your Blacklistable, I do not see a public function.