Verify smart contract inheriting from OpenZeppelin Contracts made with

  • I cant get my smart contract to verify . I've tried hardhat but seem to be getting a lot of errors. I made the Smart Contract on remix ethereum org
    here is the address for it 0x724f765ce152c69c48fe26b028de89597e1e022a. when i try on BSC scan directly seem to have issues with inheriting contracts from oppen zepplin

this is the code :

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.0;

import '';
import '';

contract EDOG is ERC20 {
using SafeMath for uint256;
uint BURN_FEE = 2;
uint TAX_FEE = 2;
address public owner;
mapping(address => bool) public exclidedFromTax;

constructor() ERC20('EDOG', 'EDOG') {
    _mint(msg.sender, 100000* 10 ** 18);
    owner = msg.sender;
    exclidedFromTax[msg.sender] = true;
function transfer(address recipient, uint256 amount) public override returns (bool) {
    if(exclidedFromTax[msg.sender] == true) {
      _transfer(_msgSender(), recipient, amount);
} else {
    uint burnAmount = amount.mul(BURN_FEE) / 100;
    uint adminAmount = amount.mul(TAX_FEE)/ 100;
    _burn(_msgSender(), burnAmount); 
    _transfer(_msgSender(), owner, adminAmount);
    _transfer(_msgSender(), recipient, amount.sub(burnAmount).sub(adminAmount));
return true;



Hey everyone im having a similar problem. I am absolutely brand new at coding. Im just doing it to learn not looking to make money. If anyone can help that would be amazing. I copied the link to my question in this reply. Thanks guys appreciate it!!