Having deploy problems on BSC

This contract : 0x368EEEFAf8727A0b6aC68970b2F2213FBFd8A949

It was deployed on BSC, notice that it didn't update Name, Symbol. Everything else seems to have worked as I received the tokens. Tried again and again, but only got different problems. Sometimes it wouldn't create the tokens. It is verified, was created using Wizard. EVM version says default but in Remux that's Cancun. Used the latest Compiler Version.

Any help is appreciated. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Watched video after video showing how to deploy this contract but im not having any luck. You can't search the token because it isn't searchable with no name.

Edit: Same contract deployed to Sepolia with no problems. Only difference is i made sure to compile on 0.8.20 and EVM is Paris.