A reusable library of React Hooks for OpenZeppelin contracts

Hello friends,

This is Aram from Flair.Finance :wave: We build and publish open-source smart contracts, React SDK and a super handy dashboard to deploy and interact with smart contracts without having to re-invent the wheel everytime!

Wanna contribute to an open-source for OpenZeppelin?

While working on some of the features I couldn't find a clean and nicely done library of React Hooks based on the amazing wagmi.sh to interact with standard OpenZeppelin contracts.

For example things like useTransfer() or useHasRole(), etc, for contracts like ERC721 and ERC20, payment splitter, vesting contracts etc.

We've published a small MVP under @0xflair/react-openzepplin and the source code is here in 0xflair/typescript-sdk -> react-openzeppelin. Current version is just an MVP, so in terms of naming conventions and methods and contracts to cover it'll be much better :slight_smile:


The main reason we decided to do this fully open-source is to give back to community, same as how wagmi library helped us move faster, with such a clean and powerful library. The second goal is to get feedback from actual developers while building this library instead of just from our own experience.


  • We want this React Hooks library to be as non-opinionated as possible.
  • Built on top of wagmi.sh.
  • Support interactions and functions of contracts already build in OpenZeppelin's library.

Call to action

Now I'm looking for other builders to also give feedbacks what they like to see in such library. You don't need to necessarily contribute to the code, even sharing your thoughts on how do you like to see this library work is helpful :rocket: