Few queries regarding OZ governance,

  1. Is there any way we can schedule different delay periods for different proposals. Something similar to what Venus Protocol has.

  2. GovernorBravo had variable called proposalMaxOperations which would limit the number of operations in a particular proposal. Is there something similar in OZ governor? Or should I explicitly implement it?

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No, but that would be an interresting thing to implement.

No. If that is something you want you'll have to explicitly implement it.


Yes, I liked the idea of having the proposals classified based on the importance and then defining different time periods for each. Adds more flexibility and less traffic, executing the smaller proposals faster.

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One thing that is available today would be using the AccessManager for that. Here is how that would work:

  • Your "target" contracts would inherit AccessManaged (for your platform)
  • In your AccessManager, you would be able to set different Roles
  • Depending on the severity of the function, you'd select which role should be used
  • You would give all these roles to your Governor (that uses the GovernorTimelockAccess module) with different delays (each role would have a different delay)

That way, proposals would have different delays depending on what you are trying to call.

This only works for proposal that affect your own contracts. For other stuff (like doing ERC20 transfers), the default delay of the governor will be used.

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Cool, I'll check this out.