Fee on transfer token

To be honest, my brain is literally twisted roller lol, I can’t feel my head anymore :smiley:

To start, I would like to add some features on my contract, like

for each transaction(buy and sell) there was a tax that need to pay,
10% tax

  • 5% burn
  • 2% goes to creators wallet or specific wallet
  • 3% goes to all token holder
    Can someone teach me, or edit my contract and pinpoint to me what did you add so I can study this for my self. I’m running out of time with this one. I really appreciate your help guys!

Can’t upload my contract I’m new here, but here is the link to where you can see it.

Hi @Tjelsa22,

You can post your contract in the forum. See Format code in the forum

You should also look at Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777)

If you need a developer, you can post in #developer-wanted

I am also trying to do something similar to this.