Feature request: Folder view for contracts and auto tasks


We manage a large amount of contracts via the openzeppelin defender interface. We have contracts made up of a number on a mainnet and a number on a testnet.

We would like to organise these into various subcategories. We also would like to organise our auto tasks into subcategories.

I would like to be able to group them by category and navigate into folders to make it easier to find the right contracts.

At the moment we organise by naming them TEST or MAIN followed by the category, followed by the contract type

If there was a way we could group by keys in the name or by some other method that would be really great!

Love the Defender product, it has made working with our contracts a breeze. Thanks!

Hey @haxd! Thanks for sharing this. Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do these MAIN and TEST categories correlate with networks? Eg do you have TEST contracts on mainnet?
  • We are working on adding roles and permissions to Defender. Do you have some devs on the team that would need access to TEST but not MAIN?
  • Do you usually work on MAIN and TEST simultaneously? Or would it work for you if you could have separate workspaces for MAIN and TEST (with dedicated quotas for each), and you can easily switch between the two?

Hey @spalladino , thanks for the quick response

Currently yes the TEST and MAIN categories correspond to their networks, we do use the filter but it resets when you reload the page and our networks are quite far down the list so it would be easier to group them spatially that way

We have contracts for three separate projects, each with at least three contracts, up to seven in one of the projects currently.

Org mode would be nice, but realistically all contract devs have access to all contracts and that is currently fine. Workspaces may work instead but we would need a workspace for each category and they wouldn’t especially need to be sandboxed from each other