Feature Request: Mainnet autotask template suggestions

i was just wondering,

the mainnet autotask, it seems that everyone kinda has to copy-pasta it from the tutorial.
would be cool to have it as a drop-down option that auto-fills the autotask.

if you happen to update the template itself, then that could be applied automatically to the people that used the template?

link to github would be pretty badass too.


Hi @katmai,

Great suggestions! Please keep the feedback coming. :pray:

Thanks for the suggestion! That’s definitely in our roadmap. We’re currently compiling an repository of autotask examples on github (which we’ll make public soon), and the next step is for Defender to be able to source them directly, without the need for copy-paste.

This is the only part that’s delicate. We definitely don’t want to have the power to push a change to our users’ autotasks code. We could add an option to “manually update” when the template changes, though.

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yep sounds about right. could have a notice there that there’s a new update to the task, and i could click a “view changes” button that has a nice in page diff, like quickdiff.com or something similar, and if we like the changes - have another button to update the task with the new version.

i am sure you will find the best way to do it :slight_smile:

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