Looking for functions on ERC 721 ERC 1400

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I am interested by developing contracts based on ERC 721 and ERC 1400 Standards, but found only a very restraint set of functions online (mint, burn...). I understood that these standards might offer more and wondered if open Zeppelin had additional libraries where to find other functions.

Thanks in advance !

Hello @JSIII

ERC 1400 is a draft, and subject to change. OpenZeppelin does not generally implement such ERC. Also there doesn't appear to be a lot of community traction toward that ERC.

You can read more about our ERC721 implementation, and the extensions available for it, in our documentation website

Many thanks for your reply Amxx!
I am looking to create a NFT that would condition the distribution of cash to the NFT holders as per some conditions written in the NFT itself and would be partitionable. Would you say that the ERC 721 could achieve that? If yes, could you recommend specific functions that could help to do that?

ERC721 just defines the interface of how tokens are transfered, how balances are fetched, that kind of things.

It is possible to use ERC721 as the premise of a payment splitter, but that is definitely beyond the scope of ERC721. Unfortunately, OZ doesn't provide that code yet.

Here is an example of such a splitter that uses ERC20 (not ERC721) to manage the "shares". This code should easily be modifiable to use ERC721 instead of ERC20. Keep in mind this is not audited, and barely tested, so don't use it without having it properly reviewed !!!

Thanks for that, would you know how to modify it to use it on ERC721?

Also, what is the point of a "splitter" on ERC20?? You mean just to add decimals?? ERC 20 is fungible by nature no splitter are needed, what is the point of your work??

ERC 721 doesn't just do that kind of things, you might want to review the token standard

I now realize that splitter is not what you are looking for. Splitters are contract that, given a set of receiver, will split any fungible asset (ether/erc20) it receives between the receivers. That allows to redistribute income (fees?) between different wallets based on a predefined distribution.

What you are looking for it probably "fractionalized NFT", which is a very different thing. Which is not part of the ERC721 standard and is not provided by OZ. There are other projects that do that.

Lol you are so clueless about what you are talking about it’s scary.