ERC721 contract template needed - nominal 0.1 ETH bounty

Hey guys. I'm looking for a project from which I can leverage their contract code for an NFT project I want to launch.

I'm comfortable reading Solidity code, deploying contracts, etc. but actually coding something that is gas optimized is a bit beyond me.

I'm absolutely certain that there is a project out there which has all of the basic functionality I need, and that I can panelbeat into what I want. I'm hoping someone here would be able to help :slight_smile:


  1. TradeableERC721Token
  2. Free mint - 1 per wallet, no other requirements
  3. Capped max supply
  4. The ability for the control wallet to batch mint to itself
  5. The ability to pass an array of addresses to batch mint to (this could be 2 separate functions. The list of ~200 addresses will be known beforehand)
  6. Ability for control wallet to activate/deactivate the ability to mint for the public
  7. The ability for the control wallet to burn NFTs that it holds
  8. Ability for control wallet to change the baseURI

Hoping someone can help. Happy to pay 0.05 ETH to whoever points me to a good project’s contract to use as a template, even if some of the functionality is missing. 0.1 ETH if someone spins up a contract with this functionality :slight_smile:

Hit me up bro.
I can help with that

Feel free to message me on Telegram: @JasonWelz

I have messaged you on telegram.

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