hey team! thanks for all you do at OZ. I'm using ERC1155 for my NFTs, keeping each token id having amount as 1.

few questions about to use this standard:

There is no ownerOf in ERC1155 so how do I find who owns the NFT?

ERC721 has the enumerable extension, how can one enumerate tokenIds for a specific owner in ERC1155

The uri() method in ERC1155 simply returns the uri, then why does it expect a uint?

Hello @aster2709

The ERC1155 standard is not designed to be enumerable, and doesn't include an ownerOf() function, because that would not make sens for tokens with a supply greater than 1.

If you only plan to have supply of 1, I wonder why you are going for 1155 rather than 721.

FOr more details about the ERC1155, I suggest you refer to the standard.

I agree with your answer and have marked it as Solution.

But, but. the EIP claims itself to be multi-standard. if it knows it going to be handling NFTs, why no ownerOf ?

If you say it was meant for ERC20s, why uri?

I've chose ERC1155 for NFTs cuz 1 NFT is going to have multiple copies like 10(this will be the amount) thanks