DxSale Question

Hello everyone,

I am trying to understand how the pre-sale works on dxsale as I can’t find any information regarding one thing.

Let’s say I have a coin with 100million supply that I want to launch through dxsale.

On dxsale let’s say I want to sell 20m and have 80m remaining.

But then I want to sell the other 80m, how would I do this?

For example let’s say the pre-sale is successful and Dx adds the liquidity etc.

What do I do with the other coins I also want to sell? Do I simply transfer them into the PCS contract? (am not adding liquidity here just simply doing a wallet to wallet transfer).

If someone could please explain this process to me that would be greatly appreciated :). As I am really stuck and baffled now.

Thank you for your time.


My understanding is as follows:

In regard to token supply, you should have three fields when listing on dxsale - total supply, total for presale and total for liquidity which are all listed through dxsale.

As part of the presale the 20m will be sold to buyers at the presale rate.

Once complete, the total for liquidity will be added to PCS at the set PCS listing rate - along with the relevant BNB to form the LP. (Say you add 20m here at the same rate as the presale rate).

The remaining supply would then be 60m which would be in your wallet. You could then add your own LP (but would also need to add BNB equivalent), or you could sell these on PCS (which would bomb the price).

I wouldnt buy a dxsale with this many tokens outside of presale or LP as the wallet with the 60m could easily sell these via PCS for BNB and deplete the LP. (kind of like a rugpull but usually a rug pull invovles remove the LP when unlocked, this is just another form of it by having a large amount of tokens that were never on the market).

There is also some shenanigans going on where dxsale listings will set a different PCS listing rate to the presale rate, but thats another story.

Hope that helps.


You should check some of the other launchpads as well.