Dxsale depositing issues

I enabled whitefees not sure what the issue is new to solidity willing to pay .2 BNB to have fix today as presale is supposed to go live tomorrow

please help!

Try to increase maxTxAmount to this value 100000000000000000000000000000

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I was able to fix it by turning off buy back and it works should i still do that


well I suggest to do to avoid any issue. dxSale should have advertised this

yea i dont think i will be using them anymore what about the mc? should we burn supply?

Marketcap is: total supply * 1 token price

we know that but we listed at 500 mil mc and only added 2bnb i dont understand

why not understand? how much is tot supply and 1 token price

yes! but everytime i set token supply with pancakeswap its setting price for us

is there a way to change supply with this contract without burning?

because you already added liqudiity