Does the reward get paid to the relay or the original address?

Thanks for the complete Keep3r Defender setup guide, now my relay address is being activated.

A follow up question, after the bonding has been completed work calls can be made and actually rewarded if the available work is ‘mined’.

The reward will be paid to the relay address or will the reward actually be transferred to the original address when connecting a address from a (Metamask) wallet?

How to control sending from the relay address and send manually from it as a user?

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Hi @Mash,

It is the relay address which is registered as the keeper, so it will be this address that receives any Keeper from jobs.

Can you give a bit more information on why you would want to do this? Given that you have to register a keeper and then wait for it to be activated and then run to complete jobs.

Also see the coming up section in: Running a keeper from Keep3r Network on Defender

Well the keep3r relay address receives rewards KP3R tokens for the work done. What if you can not do anything with them, just to keep them in the relay address? It isn’t actually a reward than?

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Hi @Mash,

In the coming up section of Running a keeper from Keep3r Network on Defender

  • Being able to send Relayer transactions from the Defender site, so you can bond the Relay with the collateral you want and easily transfer your KPR rewards out of the Relay to your wallet without having to write code for it.

So currently to transfer your rewards out of the relay you would need to write code to do this but the plan is to make this easier.


Ah thanks, great this is coming up The KP3R reward will be a genuine reward, to write code and than get rewarded is an extra reward :wink: