Developer wanted

Hello, I am interested in finding someone who can help me. My coding experience is extremely limited- I grew up chatting on IRC as a kid and learned how to make the text change color :joy:, and I was around for MySpace when entering in code to change your background/font/color/song player was a thing… but that’s about it!

Having said that, I’ve been playing around in solidity after doing some “YouTube university” and reading plenty of articles on how to deploy a simple smart contract on ERC20. I’ve even deployed one working simple standard contract.

I feel like I would benefit from talking to a professional that could help me gather a code (that I buy) and save it to tweak the parameters between token launches. I don’t want to do anything crazy complicated. Just buy the contract coding, learn what lines to change to tweak the amount of tax on sales, or redistribution amounts, and name of contract and minted amount.

Is there someone who would be willing to help me?

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Hi I can gibe you help

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Forewarning, I will require you to pretend like I’m 5yrs old while teaching me. :joy:

Hi there,

I will be glad to help you. I will make you a template where you can tweak the parameters with the least amount of effort.

You can contact me through telegram: @Tray_crypto
Or via email:


hey, can you help me adding 2 functions in my contract? (Automatic LP & Redistributed holders)

Hi, send dm @OCPRobocop

Send me dm @OCPRobocop