Developer Wanted: Gnosis Safe + OpenZepplin

Project: See my forum post for a description of the desired smart contract
Offer: Hourly pay
Who I am looking for: Someone who can provide a thoughtful answer to my forum post question, and who can show relevant work examples that demonstrate a security mindset.

Hi Poem, I'm reposting my comment here as it was edited due to TOS conflicts.

"A summary of your Gnosis project could be broken down into the following.

#Tier based signers

  • Have any number of users with this permission level
  • Unilaterally Mint ERC-721 tokens
  • Has a time-limited allowance of gas coverage provided for them, allowing them to work but not drain the wallet adversarially with gas fees.


  • All capabilities of User
  • Have N total signers with this permission level
  • Sign (n-1)/N threshold proposals for important things (transfer unbounded funds, upgrade contract, add/remove signers, pause the contract)

This is a good read on the topic if you haven't seen it already: Manage an ERC20 token using Defender Admin and Gnosis Safe

One method to achieve this result is with two separate contracts that refer to a master contract with different user permissions for each one.


I can work both via email and phone which I'd send to you privately. Let's get in touch to hash out your project more.

My contact is