Contract erc-721

Hello, I am looking for a programmer, to make an Nft collection of 20,000 items in an erc-721 to implement it in open sea, budget?

Ping me telegram @PeterRoyHere

I've done a lot of ERC721 contracts you can reach me on

  • telegram: @ibodnarchuk
  • discord: ihorbond#5688
    Alternatively, I've created a no-code solution for this:


reach me at seth(@) cisinlabs (dot) com

if you are still looking, I'm the creator of cryptobird .me check the project before deciding

I am Horacio Lampe, CEO of DAppsFactory ( )

We are specialists in the implementation of NFT ERC 721 contracts.

Contact us @ or whatsapp +54911-5329-0792

hello you can contact me i'am a blockchain developper and i have a contract with low gas fees