Developer/Consultant wanted for a couple of hours

I’ve been a crypto buyer/investor for a while, but am fascinated with the other side of the table from coin creators ! I want to learn how to create a very basic coin, understand how it’s done vs. paying someone to just do it, and ask a bunch of questions. Is anyone interested in spending a few hours with me for $200 an hour? Can do via google hangouts. My only ask is that English is either your primary language, or you are fully fluent in it.

What I’d like to accomplish in these 2 hours are to create a basic contract and deploy it, while understanding a few things. I have no interest in making something complex, just understanding the basics.

  • Understanding how to fork a code, and alter it for very basic functions (taxing and distributing tax to LP and Wallet.
    -How to code contract to renounce contract.
    -How to lock liquidity
    -Understand Liquidity/token pricing mechanics.
    -anti whale functions
    -understanding pre-sale, why it’s important and if it is even necessary
    -best practices to deploy a contract

My timing is very limited, but it’s the weekend and I’m wide open. anxious to begin learning and playing around with this for the remainder of the weekend. If anyone is interested in teaching me, please let me know.

Hi, do you still need help with this?

Can you call me on the telegram? We can talk over there!

Telegram => @skyxcripto