I need developer

I need developer for work together. Dev subjects is smart contracts, api and nft market.

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Tks! :slight_smile:

Crypto_geeks is a Member at Blockchain Foundation of India, and has been one of the earliest pioneers of Blockchain Technology in India.We are a Tech-Enthusiast and have a keen interest in blockchain technology.We love brainstorming ideas on befittingly applying the art of storytelling to business, and staying abreast with cutting-edge trends in emerging technologies.we are Engineers by degree, Developers by chance, and Entrepreneurs by choice.We have rich knowledge of building smart contracts and cryptocurrencies on various blockchain technologies.We would love to be a part of your project as we have strong background working BLOCKCHAIN related projects. Well-experienced knowledge on creating coin based on ERC, TRC, BEP standards. We developed smart contracts on yield farming concepts ie. masterchef, istaking, balancer and Synthetix. Moreover, we have good knowledge of forking contracts of Defi Exchanges like Uniswap, sushiswap, pancake swap,DFI money, Yearn finance,Uswap, Harvest.finance, 1inch and avee on various blockchain technologies.

Would be appreciable, if you could INITIATE CHAT for further discussions -live:.cid.9c5a9a88b91e4124

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Contact :- +917708650495,
Mail :- cryptogeeks7@gmail.com,
Telegram :- //https://t.me/CryptoGeeks07,
Linkedin :-//https://www.linkedin.com/in/crypto-geeks-775944206/,

Hi there,

I could assist you with this.

You can contact me through:

Telegram: @Tray_crypto
Email: pooww.ks@gmail.com