Deploying a Smart Contract via the Call method in a MultiSig Smart Contract

Hi all,

I am trying out the MultiSig wallet in Solidity By Example:

Has anyone else tried to deploy a contract via the MultiSig wallet?

const submissionTxn = await multiSigContract.submitTransaction(

After confirming and executing the transactions, does anyone know how I can find the address of the deployed contract? I have heard that you can actually predict the contract address via the contract address and nonce:

  const nonce = await ethers.provider.getTransactionCount(MULTISIG_ADDRESS);
  const anticipatedAddress = ethers.utils.getContractAddress({
    nonce: nonce,

But I realise that the nonce for my multisig does not actually increase after contract execution

Hey @Damien_Teo
are you calling confirmTransactioj or execute?

Hi, I had already called execute.

I tried it on the Polygon Mumbai testnet, and executed via the Multisig a few times, but the nonce for the multisig did not change beyond 1.