Defender Release: Support for Base Goerli

Announcing Defender support for Base L2 Testnet

Base L2 testnet support has been enabled for all OpenZeppelin Defender users. Users can now import contracts (including abstracted accounts) and automatically retrieve the contract ABI if the contract is verified on the Base Explorer.

Defender Admin lets developers interact with their Base contracts with the following features:

  • Perform upgrades
  • Query and modify Role-Based Access Control
  • Run custom function calls on imported contracts
  • Pause/Unpause contracts

Defender Relayer allows automatic transaction sending on Base and incident response

  • Can be easily integrated with ethers.js via API
  • Resubmission infrastructure (once a transaction is sent, you don’t need to worry about repricing it if it fails)

Defender Sentinel allows reacting to on-chain events by monitoring specific rules on Base contracts

  • Can send notifications to Discord/Slack/Email
  • Can be configured to trigger a relayer transaction (on any other chain)
  • Enables cross-chain automation

Defender Autotask for Base allows writing custom code that interacts with other Relayer components

  • Send Relayer transactions
  • React to Sentinels
  • Execute in a schedule
  • Execute via webhooks