Sfax safemoonmax

Hello, 4 months ago i created safemoon clone with LP lock expiring 7 months from day 1. my contract got re entered after 10million usd in volume occured after the first month. the token is recovering and still has 20 million market cap which was 7 billion at all time high. I then burned half supply with currently only under 5% in circulation with me holding 3.53% 35 trillion tokens. here is contract address im wallet 3 right below burn address. I hired a very creative hacker not knowing he was a hacker for a liquidity token and am now trying to fix his mess. From my understanding since he created proxies including on the liquidity lock time contract my best bet would be to create an upradeable beacon proxy which could be used for a metamorphis contract for the implementation contract? then my issue is how to i find the implementation contract code with truffle? i need help fixing the re entry attack and finding the implementation contract along with creating a beacon proxy for metamorphis contract to original contract address was wondering if anyone could help guide me there is over 40k in liquidity. would hate for that to go to hackers and thats at lows also was over 300bnb in liquidity at all time high at $38,000 per billion tokens prior to re entry. at lows currently is 40$ per billion tokens im top holder who survived a zeus attack and many others and its my job to fix it will help anyone that helps me solve this with a healthy amount of sfax supply as well. here is contract address: 0xa4b72b56495a947e16a0e1c2186b7b9b3ff78acd

im wallet 3.

I am using openzeppeling proxy contracts with truffle trying to upgrade to a beacon proxy for a metamorphis contract to revert to implementation contract but dont know where to start or if that would even work. i just started learning truffle this week and have imported the OZ proxies into truffle.