Crypto Trends 8 March 2021

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

Berlin upgrade EIPs

Explainer of the Berlin EIPs:

Note: EIP2315 is removed from Berlin:

Pre-Merge cleanup

The bandaids are going to be ripped off.

:fast_forward: Removal of selfdestruct went from nice to have to an EIP to being proposed for London upgrade. EIP1559 is now in London and it is being suggested to bundle with removal of selfdestruct

MetaMask Layer 2 support

UX for Layer 2 will be critical to adoption. MetaMask is making it easier for Layer 2 users, allowing apps to suggest custom networks.



OpenZeppelin are hiring:


Amongst the NFT wave: Kings of Leon selling NFTs for artwork and new album.

Disclosure: I have one of their CDs, brings back great memories.
Interesting to see that bands when from selling music, then tickets, then merch and now NFTs. If we want great music we need to find ways for bands to survive and thrive.

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