Crypto Trends 22 March 2021

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

London upgrade EIP1559 + EIP3403

London upgrade is currently just EIP1559 + EIP 3403 (partial removal of refunds, so Gas Tokens will no longer be usable).

Merge before Shanghai?

Whilst I am keen for the merge, I’d like to avoid the downsides.

Funds rescue using Flashbots + an ETH burner bot

Flashbots for the rescue, whilst an ETH burner bot fought off an attacking bot.

Gripping read, can feel the intensity when the much tested rescue code fails. Always nice to see the community coming together for a successful rescue.



OpenZeppelin are hiring:


Bokky gifting mooncats to builders

So much of my experience of Ethereum is the community doing nice things for each other with no thought of a reward. Thanks Bokky :heart:

Disclosure, Bokky gifted me a mooncat. :pray: