Creating an NFT collection with secondary sales fees

I am about to launch a project that I cannot disclose at the moment. Our core business will be based on secondary sales fees. It is not clear to me if it is something that should be coded into an ERC721 contract or if it is something that has to placed within the NFT's metadata. We shall have our NFTs minted from our website and then they must be compatible at least with the marketplace OpenSea (possibly also Rarible). Has anyone any experience about it?


What I understand is that , you can setup the royaly/second sales commission in OpenSea or if you are using a custom ERC721 to deploy you can also built in a fee on each transfer in your transfer function. I would suggest, you checkout the Opensea guide and do their sample project to learn how to handle the additional fees, as opensea charges 2.5% of the sales, and if you setup 4%. you will get 1.5%.

I understand, thanks for the reply. My question then become, is I create a custom function for transfer then I must also provide a custom dApp that supports this function to enforce the royalties and it will not be anymore compatible with OpenSea, am I right?

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If you wish to use Opensea solely, there is not need to create royaly/secondary sales function. If you wish you deploy/sell elsewhere as well, they you might want one.
Or you can use Opensea functionality to sell else where or embed opensea marketplace in your own site. You can get more details by following the document below.

Were you able to figure out how to do this? I'd also like to do something like this, and can't see how to implement a custom transfer function so that it works in OpenSea. Curious what you came up with

If your business is related to sales, you need to keep a close eye on all financial transactions. In your case, this is even more important because you will be making repeat sales, which means you will need double counting. Have you ever used unique platforms to track sales? It seems to me that it makes any task associated with selling certain products/services more accessible. Such programs help you keep track of the process from finding a customer to closing the deal. I think there's also a particular salesforce email campaign that gives you access to manage all the data you need, add new leads, and analyze deals.

Have the same problem.

I'm ok I can set it up directly through Opensea but what is I want my 2% going to a different address for specific tokens?