Create2 support on Ethereum Classic

Does OpenZeppelin Create2 library works for Ethereum Classic?

I am trying to port a contract already deployed on Ethereum mainnet to ETC but I keep getting the “Create2: Failed on deploy” message in my tests over a Ganache CLI fork.

In fact I have tested not only Ethereum mainnet but also its testnets (ropsten/rinkeby/kovan/goerli); the FTM network and its testnet; and BSC mainnet and testnet. All work fine.

I assume ETC does support the create2 opcode.

:computer: Environment
OpenZeppelin 3.3.0
Truffle 5.1.66
Ganache CLI 6.12.2

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Hi @raugfer,

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I am not familiar with the current state of ETC. It looks like Agharta hardfork included Create2:

Hi @raugfer,

Create2 was apparently added in January 2020, so it should work.