Does upgrades plugins support CREATE2?

Can I use CREATE2 to deploy an upgradeable contract supported by upgrades plugins?

We’re using hardhat + upgrades plugins to deploy our contracts, it works well. In our next version, want to use CREATE2 to control the addresses to follow our rules, like the address is smaller than 0xff… . Only found this post about CREAT2 and upgradeable contract by cli but it’s cli and not very clear about how to upgrade after deploying by CREATE2. Does your plugin support this scenario?



I have same issue .
openzeppelin cli command uses proxyFactory that both of them deprecated.
now there is create2.sol library but it is not work with proxy


Same issue here. create2.sol library is not work with proxy

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Upgrades Plugins currently do not support create2. Please subscribe to issue for updates, and see the discussion to learn of some of the challenges involved. There is no ETA for this feature at the moment.

As a workaround you can look into hardhat-deploy but this is not an officially supported solution.