Contracts Wizard - where is ERC777?

On the left navigation bar ERC777 is listed (and when clicking on it, the many benefits of ERC777 are described), but the Contracts Wizard does not offer it as a token option. Why?

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ERC777 appears as an option in the old interface as seen in Introducing Contracts Wizard: An Interactive Contract Generator :

So why was the option removed? Will it be added back?

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Hello @mow

I think there are a few reasons behind ERC777 not being supported in the wizard:

  • The ERC777 is pretty difficult to work with, and while we do provide an implementation, we do not really recommend using this standard.
  • We do not currently provide ERC777 extensions like we do for ERC20 and ERC1155. Thus, wizard support brings less value to 777 then it does to the other contracts.

I would personally as far as saying that, since using 777 has so many intricate consequences (I'm in particular thinking of the receiving protection that relies on 1822), we should push less experienced devs toward it ... and devs that are "good enough" to make an informed decision about it shouldn't need the wizard.


OK thanks for the response. So should we now hold ERC1155 as the new recommended standard for new fungible tokens? It's increasing in popularity for non-fungible tokens, maybe surpassing ERC721, but how about for fungible tokens?

Reverting to the old ERC20 would feel like a devolution. Are the various downsides of ERC20 that are described in your ERC777 guide still true?

There's also the issue of support in various DeFi platforms out there.

ERC20 is definitely your best option for fungible tokens. As for the limitations described in the ERC777 guide, there are workarounds you can implement in ERC20 by using permit instead of approve and achieve reasonably good usability.

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