Constructor Arguments in deployProxy() Function of Transparent Proxy Pattern

Hi there,
I am using hardhat-upgrades library to write functionality of transparent proxy upgrades. I have no initialize function in my base contract. I want to call constructor with 2 parameters.
From BoxV1 and BoxV2 example, tutorial passes [42] value in second parameter of deployProxy() function. I want to know how can I pass 2 string parameters to the contract constructor in deployProxy() function.
I have tried passing array of 2 strings, simple 2 strings, an object of 2 strings but every time I get the same error:
The error is as follows:

Error: types/values length mismatch (count={"types":2,"values":0}, value={"types":[{"name":"name","type":"string","indexed":null,"components":null,"arrayLength":null,"arrayChildren":null,"baseType":"string","_isParamType":true},{"name":"symbol","type":"string","indexed":null,"components":null,"arrayLength":null,"arrayChildren":null,"baseType":"string","_isParamType":true}],"values":}, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.5.0)

Anyone please help me in this regard!

Hi @abdullah, generally your implementation contract should use an initializer instead of a constructor if you will be using a proxy. For a detailed explanation, see

The second parameter for the deployProxy() function should be an array representing the arguments for the initializer (not the constructor).

Thank You for your reply @ericglau. This was helpful