Deploying TransparentUpgradeableProxy contract


I have trying to deploy TransparentUpgradeableProxy contract with implementation contract. I can easily deploy if there is not parameters in initialize() function in implementaion by passing 0x8129fc1c at data field in proxy contract. But I have no idea how to deploy if initialize(address,address) with parameters.

I used following code to generate bytes in remix


But I don't know how to generate bytes for function with parameters.
Also, I tried to run initialize function after the proxy is deployed by using null bytes array but it says Initializer already initialized.

:1234: Code to reproduce

    function initialize(address account_, address owner_) public initializer {
        _name = "New Proxy Coin";
        _symbol = "NPC";
        __ownable_init_unchained(account_, owner_);
        _mint(owner_, 200 * 10**6 * 10**18 );

:computer: Environment


Have you seen our Upgrades Plugins? They automate this for you.

If you insist on doing it manually, you should try encodeABI.