Community based coin seeks developers

My names wrenn, I’ve been rug pulled a bunch and so I’ve helped bring together a community driven token project! We are ready to proceed and we are now looking for a developer :slight_smile:

Looking for developer to discuss our coins functionality, and advice.

Looking to implement the token as ERC20 at first then down the line make it more available… interested in heating ways to do that.

Listed below is the coins functionality as it stands to what we are looking for. (Note: We are looking to implement staking feature at a later time in order to create momentum in the project, ideally looking for a token contract without the staking at first then the ability to stake later on, so looking for a developer who I could keep in tabs with throughout this project)

Below is what we came up with so far:

1 trillion token total supply.

25% burn 25% liquidity until September 11th. 50% available for the market.

Transaction %s = 1% Burn, 1% split to investors, 1% to charity wallet, 1% to Dev wallet

Staking ability, minimum amount of holding required [every 1000 tokens 1 token rewarded]: 1% charity wallet, 2% burned, 2% dev wallet (115 billion able to be brought into circulation per year max)

Best way to reach me is WhatsApp +1 843 345 8305

Or email me @